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How to Cut Costs While Building A Pool

How to Cut Costs While Building A Pool

Having a pool can be a great addition to any home but building it can be an expensive. In this article we give you some things to consider

If you want a pool without the high price, there are ways to keep costs down:

“Get multiple bids for Pool Construction.”

Always talk to multiple companies for bids so you have a point of reference. You will want to compare at least three bids from three different companies while you are deciding who is going to build your pool, even if the companies in the running are referrals. Get referrals, ask your friends and neighbors with pools what pool contractor they used and how they choose them. Certain listing sites like Angieslist and Yelp can be a good starting point as well.

“Make decisions to save down the line.”

Consider the long-term costs with plastering and wear and tear maintenance. Instead of having your pool constructed with concrete or Gunite, consider using a longer lasting material such as PebbleTec.

“Simple designs save money.”

A pool with a flashy design, multiple steps, and other add-ons all const. Keep it simple for the best chance of keeping the price down. Exotic tiles and finishes in the pool, and upscale materials used on the decking and patio, can add thousands of dollars to the overall cost.

“Choose the location of your pool carefully.”

A pool that is located under trees may benefit from shade and therefore not need as much heating, however, it might end up with more leaves and debris, increasing the need for cleaning.